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Prairie Winds Aviation Inc.

Prairie Winds Aviation Inc. is the owner of a 1976, Cessna Cardinal aircraft, registration no. C-GWYB.

Our airplane has the following features:
Airframe Total Time: 3819.7 Hours to October 10, 2014
Engine time since rebuild: 1,840.90 Hours
Engine time since top overhaul: 866.5 Hours
Prop recertification: June, 2008.

New windshield in May 2007, new fuel pumps, carburetor. Inspected and repaired magneto and prop governor. All new tires in 2008.

2 KX 155ís
1 KI 208 VOR
1 KI 209 VOR/ILS
KA 134 Audio Panel
Flitecom 4-place intercom
Cessna 300 ADF
Garmin 496 GPS, and Garmin 195 GPS
2 Push-to-talks
Other Equipment: Heated Pitot
All interior lights
Exterior: Blue on white
Interior: Cardinal Red upholstery

New carpet August, 2012

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