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Prairie Winds Aviation Inc.
Contact Page

To contact Prairie Winds Aviation Inc. please see below:

Board of Directors

President - Jeff Kurtz

Vice-President - Lee Mountain

Secretary-Treasurer - Chris Popowich

Director - Larry Kolskog

Shareholders and Pilots

Jeff Kurtz - President - phone 306-741-1533 - cell
Lee Mountain - Vice-President
Wes Hiebert - Plane maintenance
Larry Kolskog - Safety Officer and check pilot
Chris Popowich- secretary-treasurer
Michael Kapusta
Rob Gilmour
redeemed Corporate share - for sale


Corporate Head Office - Mailing Address: Box 459, 101 4th Avenue West, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, S0H 0B0, Canada

Fax - 1-306-642-5848, phone 306-642-3866 - Lee Mountain

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